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A new way to learn the culture and the life of Greece, through experiencial workshops.

A trip in Greece for 12 Days that you will learn Modern and Ancient Greek through everyday hands-on experiences and workshops.

The city of Thessaloniki is the perfect location for historical, cultural and linguistic adventures, because of its long uninterrupted urban activity through the centuries.

Our experiential workshops aim to introduce you to all the history hidden in the city by theoretical courses which are combined with fieldtrips in and out of the city. The plethora (greek word: πληθώρα) of elements of the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods will help you indulge the Greek culture and history.

Got any questions?
We try to keep you informed prior your visit.

Should I bring a computer?

Not necessarily except if you want to. You will be provided with all you need as soon as the courses start.

What are the exact start dates for and end dates of each workshop?

For complete information on start dates, schedules, and breaks please see the information given for the workshop you are interested in.

Will I have access to the Internet?

To connect to the Internet, students are provided with a wireless access point. There is also free Internet access provided at many cafés in the area.

What are the requirements for applying to Greek Workshop?

There are no requirements for applying to any workshop except of having a good knowledge of the English language, being 18+ years old and a having a hunger for learning about the Greek culture!

Where is the best place to find accommodation?

GreekWorkshop's students are free to choose their own accommodation as they wish. For some accommodation suggestions and general costs, please see here.

Where are the lessons going to take place?

GreekWorkshop collaborates with a lot of spaces in the historic center of the city where the seminars take place. At the first meeting before the 1st day of courses you will be given an analytic schedule about the syllabus and the place of the seminars.

Is it safe to study in Thessaloniki?

By European standards, Thessaloniki is considered to be generally very safe. Regardless, we recommend that students always be aware of their belongings and not walk alone after dark.

Accommodation in Thessaloniki

GreekWorkshop lets you choose your own accommodation for the period of time you will stay in Thessaloniki.

There are a lot of options in the center of the city depending the budget.

Below you can find a list of hotels and apartments that are certified by us that they fulfill the requirements for an excellent stay.


History of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a rare example of a city with uninterrupted urban activity over 2,300 years. Over the centuries its strategic position has ensured that it has been constantly one of the most important cultural and intellectual centers in Southern Europe.



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